Another way we are different from all other termite and pest control companies​ is

risk reversal

We reverse the risk, by taking all of the risk off of our clients and placing it back on ourselves. If we are not 100% successful at solving your problem, it will not cost
​you anything, it will cost us!

That's how it should be! 

Many times your may hire a plumber to fix a leak, or a carpenter to repair a hole in the wall, a mechanic to fix your car only to pay them and still not have the problem satisfactorily fixed.

What happens next?

You will have to complain and ask for them to make it right. Some companies will,
but many will not!

We feel that if you hire us to eliminate your bug problem and we do not solve your problem and eliminate all of the pest insects,

we have not earned your money and do not deserve to be paid!
​(Wouldn't it be nice if everyone did business this way?)

I have so much confidence in our training and systematic treatment
strategies, I am willing to take all of the risk.

I know we can solve your pest problem and make you happy! When you sign up for monthly or quarterly service, you can use our services with confidence and you have nothing to lose! If we don't completely eliminate your pest problem, we will retreat for FREE as many times as needed to make you happy
and if after 30 days from the initial treatment, you are still not satisfied we will refund
100% of your money!

Our termite treatments have the longest and strongest guarantee
in the industry!

I have completely reversed the risk on these treatments! You can have your home protected with confidence! If we treat your home and fail to eliminate 100% of your termites for 5 full years, we will refund 100% of your money, plus and additional $250.00 for your time and trouble!

We take all of the risk, you take none!

*This guarantee does not apply to german cockroaches or bedbug treatments. These pests require multiple
treatments ​and client cooperation for complete elimination